ChemWell BRED Analyzer -Automatic Biochemical-Immune Analyzer for Reproductive Medicine

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BRED Life Science Technology Inc.

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  • Net Weight:60
  • Dimension:120 x 60 x 60cm
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  • Brand Name:BRED
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ChemWell BRED Analyzer -Automatic Biochemical-Immune Analyzer for Reproductive Medicine

The automatic ChemWell BRED analyzer is specialized in the analysis of biochemical and immune indices of seminal plasma and serum specimen in reproductive medicine. It brings about automation, standardization test, and guarantees the desired results with good precision and repeatability. The analyzer is the necessary equipment for the standardization of reproductive medicine laboratory. 


  • 1. Meet the requirement of routine serological index test in big specialized reproductive laboratories and brings 
  • about automation, standardization of the biochemical and immune indices in seminal plasma.
  • 2. Reduce the work of reproductive laboratory and ensure the accurate, high-repeated results.
  • 3. Chinese and English editions of operation interface. Modularization program. Easy to operate.
  • 4. Biochemical test: 240 tests/ hour. EIA: 120 tests/ hour. Meet the need of massive samples detection in a big reproductive lab.
  • 5.   The HIS/LIS interface connects the hospital system HIS with laboratory system LIS. Information including test result and test report can be automatically transferred to the clinic and thus make an informatization management for reproductive medical laboratories.

Applicable for the Tests Below:

  • Zinc level in seminal plasma (Zinc)
  • Citric acid level in seminal plasma (Citric)
  • Fructose level in seminal plasma (Fructose)
  • Acid phosphatase level in seminal plasma (ACP)
  • Sperm acrosin activity (Acrosin)
  • PMN - Elastase level in seminal plasma (Elastase)
  • Neutral alpha - glucosidase level in seminal plasma (NAG)
  • LDH - X (LDH - C4) level in semen (LDH - X)
  • Other items for biochemical and immune assay

Maximum throughput:Optics test: 240tests/hr ;  EIA: 120tests/hr
Maximum number of specimens:96 locations including routine、picketage and control). Emergency specimens can be tested at any time.
Maximum number of reagents:Typically 27 or 44 (EIA)
Washing:Automatic prime and rinse. Self monitoring automatically
Specimens dilution:Available for automatic dilution and choosing the dilution rate.
Test channels:Read absorbance simultaneously from the 4 channels.
Optical design:NIST traceable calibration; user selects monochromatic or bichromatic results
Light source:Tungsten-xenon lamp with a storage life of more than 2000 hours, and most can be used for up to 3~5 years.
RS232 interface:Standard RS232 interface
HIS/LIS:HIS/LIS interface

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